• Supers have been secret for years.
  • The Supers were sick of running/fighting the Community, so they banded together and waged war on The Community. In the end no side won, but one-fourth of the supers disbanded into Australia, as it was a somewhat of a safe-haven at the time.
  • The Community dates back to Middle Ages(5th-15th) century. One man created The Community, an underground organisation that hunted down the Supers. The man and his followers believed them to be witches. Maybe they were.
  • The power gene skips every second generation eg. Tom has it, his son Tim doesn't, but Tim's son Billy does.
  • It is rare for supers to have siblings, the rarity goes; Bro/Sis, Bro/Bro or Sis/Sis, Twins, Triplets, anything higher than triplets is unheard of. Having three or more children with the gene is very, very rare.
  • Most super have two powers; one to do with their body and the other to do with their hands. Some supers only have one power. Supers can have other ways of getting extra powers.

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